27 June 2007

Un... Freakin'... Believable

Some days I just think the world is upside down...

"The findings are disturbing and indicate that the Correctional Service has not rigorously fulfilled its mandate to keep all inmates safe and act on recommendations related to inmate deaths," said correctional investigator Howard Sapers.
Call me wacky... but how about, we move the safety of the general law-abiding citizenry to the top of this list? Isn't that really the primary function of a prison... to lock up the dangerous predators?

If Clifford Olsen and Paul Bernardo and the rest of the murderers, rapists and thieves choose to off themselves or guzzle each other up... well, that's just fine by me.

While we're at it, let's take away their computers, televisions and nautilus machines... prison isn't supposed to be entertaining.

It's time get back to bottom-line basics... 'cos coddling these assholes is just a one way street to more heartbreak.

And let's get Howard Sapers a real job.


UPDATE: Where the CBC's head is at
"Inmate deaths could have been prevented"
Not a peep, mind you... about the 600 odd Canadians who were murdered by these assholes last year.


It's official... Dalton delivers dick all
The Ontario government is rife with “puffery” as government departments promise the world, then fail to deliver, according to the second annual report of the provincial ombudsman.

Ontario Ombudsman AndrĂ© Marin on Wednesday lamented the “puffery” exposed by his scrutiny of the government, saying the litany of organizations make grandiose promises but don't follow through.

“I was tempted to label this one ‘The Year of Over-promising and Under-delivering',” Mr. Marin said as he released his report.

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