17 June 2007

If Jack Layton would just...

Start negotiating with his pals... maybe some of this carnage could be avoided.

-- KABUL, Afghanistan -- At least 35 people were killed, including 22 policemen, said Ahmed Zia Aftali, head of Kabul's military hospital. A victim said the bus had been filled with police instructors.

At least 307 Afghan police, army or intelligence personnel have been killed in violence so far this year through June 15, according to an AP tally of figures from the U.S., U.N., NATO and Afghan authorities.
C'mon Jack... man up and get on the plane.


Gimme some more socialist boo-hoo

Cos' that's what really wins wars.


Sleeping with the enemy
Canada's top doctor singled out New Democrat leader Jack Layton yesterday for "hypocrisy" for undergoing hernia treatment at a private Toronto medical clinic.

But Brian Day, president-elect of the Canadian Medical Association, was quick to note Layton is in good company.

Former prime ministers Paul Martin, Jean Chretien and Joe Clark also have been treated at private medical clinics, Day told the annual meeting of the Canadian Science Writers' Association.
(via Natnews)

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Anonymous said...

Jack Layton is a coward who has never lifted a finger to help another human being - but TV cameras love it when he implores other people to do something.

arctic_front said...

Layton is not only a baffoon, but an embarassment to all Canadians everywhere.

My mom and dad are NDP to the core....always have been, but my dad said to me the other day: "they ought to kill every last one of those Taliban Sons-of-bitches" Not exactly 'progressive' thought patterns Jack would enspouse. But hey, mom and dad were CCF before Taliban-Jack was even born.

Too bad mom and dad still vote NDP, but at least they aren't idiots like Layton

Anonymous said...

Taliban Jack and his ilk live in a dreamworld. This world, Jack, is filled with heartless terrorists who kill senselessly, murdering children along with other innocent people. Jack and Co. tell us they're for women's rights and families -- oh really? Just what kind of rights would the Taliban bring to women? What a crock.

There is only one way to deal with terrorists: bring them death.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ... and Layton .. while you're over there .. see if ya can get these guys to sign up with that Kyoto thingy you keep harping about ..