30 June 2007

Gonna get all "root causes"...

On yo' ass...

Fallout from Jordan Manners shooting takes down administrators at Toronto's C.W. Jefferys C.I.

The school's principal, Charis Newton-Thompson, and vice-principals Stan Gordon and Silvio Tallevi, were given changed duties earlier this week after Julian Falconer, chairman of an independent safety panel examining the school, reported findings to the director of education for the TDSB.
Because we can't just blame the kid who pulled the trigger.

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Joanne (True Blue) said...

I hear your frustration, but part of the problem is the lax attitude that the school board seems to have about having guns and intruders in the schools.

There seems to be a lack of consequences and consistency in terms of the school board's attitude and that of our court system.

Neo Conservative said...

joanne... no sane person wants guns and intruders anywhere.

the toronto board tried to implement a zero tolerance policy for violence of any kind, but had to back away from it... when they implemented it, were accused of racial profiling.

don't take my word for it... check it out.

can't win for losing.


langmann said...

No, all you have to do is ask people politely not to bring guns to school or shoot people.

If they do still shoot people, just ask them politely not to do it again.

Plus as long as we register farmer bob's long rifles, the criminals will see that no-one is armed and then they'll throw away their guns.

Its all very simple.

Concerned said...

Yup, "Its all very simple", if your a Liberal.
Sane, rational people seem to have a bit more of a problem with it.
Someday, maybe, just maybe, the onus will actually be placed on the perpetrator rather than on everything and everyone else around him.