21 June 2007

Paid back... with interest

Funny... you never see CTV celebrating Canadian soldiers... even when they deal Timmy Taliban a five to one battlefield payback.

-- MA’SUM GHAR, Afghanistan (CP) -- Canadian and Afghan government troops fought the Taliban in a four-hour running battle in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday and killed at least 15 insurgents, military officials said.
These are troopers from the same unit that took three casualties the other day... but they just climbed back into the saddle and handed Timmy his ass, yet again.
"We’re pretty blunt in this company and we don’t sugar coat very much," said Maj. Dave Quick, the officer commanding India Company. "And certainly the loss of another soldier in the battle group, regardless of company,is very important to the soldiers because we are a collective team here."
Maybe Lloyd should figure out what side he's on.

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Anonymous said...

Lloyd already knows - (as does anyone who watches the broadcast) - where he stands.