09 February 2007

Killer Karla

This is as much as I have to say about this homicidal, self-involved piece of shit.

She murdered her own sister. Then she murdered two other families' daughters. The only upside here is that this must be driving Paul Bernardo crazy.

Mahaffy was only 14 when she was abducted, tortured and murdered in 1991. Her body was then dismembered, weighted down with concrete and thrown into a lake.

One year later, Bernardo and his then-wife Homolka kidnapped French, 15, before raping, torturing and killing her. They videotaped the brutal crime, as they had done with Mahaffy.
The question is, "Why should Killer Karla get to have a "happily ever after"?" And don't talk to me about paying her debt to society... you can't "pay back a life."

How about a private member's bill to sterilise anyone convicted of murdering a child?

Make it retroactive


Nathan Giesbrecht said...

I feel really sorry for her child. She will eventually find out the truth about her mother, and that will be terrible.

Neo Conservative said...

nate... i get what you're saying, but i'm guessing if you're being raised by a homicidal sociopath... finding out the truth may not be your biggest issue.

the kid had better get used to being lonely... i'm thinkin' who lets their kid go over to karla's place.

Radmila said...

I thinking that CAS will have Karla's house on speed dial.

I know that people rag on CAS, but in my experience working with them as partners in my line of work, they're pretty good.

I know there have been high profile 'dropping of the ball' situations, but we don't hear about the thousands of families they do keep track of, and invade the privacy of. I know, because I help them do it.

My thinking is that in this case, no one will be allowed to drop the ball.

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