05 May 2007

Lemme see that smokin' gun

Toronto and Ottawa — A mystery lingers after Ontario Lieutenant-Governor James Bartleman's shocking testimony at the Air-India inquiry: Where is the document that he says warned that the bombing would happen within days?

Behind the traditional secrecy that surrounds national security is polite bafflement.

Several former government officials involved in the case two decades ago said Friday that they could recall nothing of Mr. Bartleman's warning. His lawyer, Paul Cavalluzzo, said Mr. Bartleman cannot recall if he told his superiors about the warning.
If this was indeed the extremely significant foreshadowing of this terrible chapter in Canadian history... how is it that Mr. Bartleman cannot remember whether he passed this critical "intell" up his own "chain of command?"

I'm not saying it didn't happen... but so far, we're still a couple rounds shy of a full mag.


UPDATE: "Bartleman firing blanks," says boss.
-- OTTAWA -- James Bartleman, Ontario's Lieutenant-Governor, would have been obligated 22 years ago to pass on to his superiors details of the specific threat against Air India Flight 182 that he says he saw days before the plane went down, his former boss said yesterday.

LAST WORD: "Put up, or shut up" time...
If his recollection fits the facts, key players in the federal security apparatus were at best negligent and at worst complicit in a cover-up of conspiracy theory proportions.

If he's wrong, a public figure nearing the end of a rags-to-renown career will be horribly embarrassed and perhaps worse.

It's a conundrum demanding resolution.

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Anonymous said...

I'll just opine based on my post on another Blog , MP Dosanjh said he was shocked to here this and used the Racism word for not asserting himself to warn people.
But guess what Dosanjh , you are now on video evidence for backing this claim since you yourself said that it was common knowledge and you heard about ths Terrorism too.

This begs the question for why Dosanjh chose to stay mute when he was within the Community that brought their hatred to canada, lets see Dosanjh take the witness stand with his newly revealed evidence that he too knew and didn't stop the slaughter of "Canadians" that weren't really true members of the East Indian community.

Dosanjh was in the NDP and only after he was beaten up as a witness to the Terrorism it was the Liberals that bougtht his silence like they did with Bob Rae who now claims he insisted on an Inquiry after his report on the Air India bombing.

Neo Conservative said...

no brainer here... bartleman can just identify the source of this information... or the person(s) he passed it on to.

if he can't do either... that's when someone has to dig into his version a little deeper.


Tony said...

Ontario Lieutenant-Governor, James Bartleman's story lacks creditability and raises some serious questions

1.Why did he wait 22 years to make it public?
2.Who was the RCMP officer that he informed?
3.Did he inform his superiors? If not, then why not?

As for MP Dosanjh, he is just playing cheap politics on the backs of the Air India victims.