01 May 2007

File this one under...

Are you shittin' me?

A Canadian contractor is suing Ottawa and the Ontario government for trying to force him to repay thousands of dollars in social assistance collected by his ex-fiancée, a Yugoslav woman he sponsored to come to Canada.

The lawsuit, one of eight similar ones filed Friday, is the first legal challenge to the provincial government's right to recoup welfare costs from delinquent sponsors.
Does this sort of thing happen often?
In 2005, Canada accepted about 63,000 family-class immigrants; half settled in Ontario.

That same year, there were about 6,500 sponsored immigrants on social assistance in Ontario at a cost of $65-million.
Often enough apparently.

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Anonymous said...

Shitting ON you... pay up...

Anonymous said...

There's a woman from Jamaica in my building who is "sponsoring" her nephew from India, because she has no family here. Well, you and I are really sponsoring him, because this woman doesn't work. She had to go to the immigration board to appeal her case, and she was really mad because she said that this government (Conservative) is cheap. She has a right to have family here.

She was given the right to "sponsor" her nephew from India so she won't be alone, but she won't be sponsoring him financially at all, because she doesn't have the money.

I honestly can't even talk to her, because I find what she's doing is to self-serving, without thought that the rest of the people in the building and elsewhere who try to work and pay their taxes, are the ones carrying her nephew's financial burden.

Neo Conservative said...

i just don't get it.

bring people here, so they can be on welfare.

the cost of this goes far beyond actual welfare payout, as we pay for health care and education... etc., etc.