19 May 2011

It bears repeating...

...my guns have still killed fewer people than former Liberal Attorney General Michael Bryant's car...
"This is a diverse group. Young and old, male and female; among other occupations, members include school teachers, doctors, bakers, and lawyers.

Under federal law, the minimum age for membership is 18. The oldest member of the Forest Hill club is approaching 80 years of age."
Remember... these are the folks former Toronto Mayor David Miller wanted to chase outta town.


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...nothing to see here...
Det. Sgt. Barsky lamented as “unfortunate” a decision by a key witness in the case to recant her police statement.

Y.M., who was also a student at C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute, initially fingered the two accused but then backtracked in court, a move the Crown alleges was motivated by fear.
Remember... if you take guns away from law-abiding citizens... urban crime will magically disappear.


UPDATE: Wait... "the community"...

...that's as specific as the media will get?
"Has the community’s code of silence rendered justice moot? Is fear of reprisal — real or imagined — choking witnesses from telling the truth or from coming forward at all?"

"And what kind of message does that send except that shooters can fire with impunity, because they know no one will talk."

"Because as it stands right now, the 'no-snitching' street code has handed these criminals a licence to kill."

LAST WORD: Please, won't somebody tell me...

...what is this mysterious "community" you speak of?