09 May 2011

Perhaps he's not as McSlippery...

...as he thinks...
The Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the New Democrats and the Progressive Conservatives have all called on McGuinty to apologize for the secret law his government passed regarding police powers during the G20 weekend.
Ever notice how Stephen Harper takes all the heat in the media for being an evil, controlling dictator?

Here we have a case of Dalton McGuinty secretly ramping up police powers... then unbelievably... trying to pass the buck to the Prime Minister.

The icing on the cake is that he gets caught in the act... then, in effect... tells the people of Ontario to go piss up a rope.
"Harper didn't pass a secret G20 law, the McGuinty government did," said Opposition justice critic Garfield Dunlop. "People were charged and they were put in jail and they knew nothing really about what they were doing wrong."

Unlike the NDP and civil liberties groups, the Tories don't want a public inquiry into the G20, but they do want McGuinty to say he's sorry for the secret law.

"He owes an apology. It's that simple," said Dunlop. "We're not asking for a huge, expensive inquiry. We're asking for an apology."
Let's see what kind of legs this thing has.

I'm willing to bet... not nearly as much as any of the media-manufactured Conservative-targeted "scandals" that hit the airwaves daily.