30 May 2011

So, I've been in maintenance mode...

...all day long -- first, we had to play silly buggars (as in, retard the timing) with Mrs Neo's car to kludge it through Drive Clean... then it was off to the Doc to set up an appointment to surgically scope my failing left knee.

The backhoe is also getting some new hoses... and I'm contemplating the pros & cons of welding up the leaky loader arms (which also function as a reservoir for hydraulic fluid)... versus fabbing up an external tank, which could also double up as a step into the cab.

Decisions, decisions.

Sometimes it feels as though I'm simply running in place... it'd be nice to actually make a little forward progress.


syncrodox said...

Keep grinding bud. eventually you'll win.

Dollops said...

I know what you're saying - just had one of those days. I'd love to retire but 2/3 of the nation is living off my productivity so it won't happen until my body forces the issue. That 2/3, BTW, is not just welfare cases and our public service minders but also the entire financial community, lawyers, market players and retirees with gold-plated pensions and benefits. Oh, in weak moments I'd like to be in their shoes, but then unfinished work reminds me that somebody has to shoulder the load or the whole thing collapses. Who is John Galt?

Neo Conservative said...

just letting off a little steam, i guess. the bum knee is sure a bitch... it hurts AND it slows me down right across the board.

i have a deck to finish... some plumbing repairs and some eavestrough to be replaced.

otoh, i had the right knee scoped and scraped about 8 years ago... and it's been as good as gold since.

just gotta be patient.


Anonymous said...

you could create some jobs, and hire people to do it.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... you could create some jobs, and hire people to do it."

oh, trust me... there's already a significant "trickle down economics" thing going on here.