26 May 2011

Sledgehammers, picks... turning big rocks...

...into little rocks...
never enough gravel
In what's being billed as a Canadian first, inmates in Ontario prisons would be forced to perform 40 hours of manual labour a week to earn rewards like coffee and gym time.

Under Premier Dalton McGuinty, prisoners get yoga lessons, cooking classes, writing workshops and premium cable TV channels – all on the public dime, Mr. Hudak said.

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...seriously, Craig Munro is the devil...
Craig Munro, a junkie and convicted cop killer who has been behind bars for 30 years, claims he has been working towards some day becoming a yoga instructor while out on day parole passes.

According his most recent parole decision in March, posted on cancrime.com, he has been pursuing a “spiritual path” through the aboriginal community and studying yoga.

LAST WORD: Good and Evil... they exist

Prison should not be considered a viable alternative to living in the larger field of folk. Similarly, it should not be considered an extension of our educational system... a place to try socialise people who choose to live outside the law.

Criminals are not a subset of society. Too often they are violent predators... a cancer that preys on those of us who choose to play by the rules.

You break the social contract... you should be isolated AND punished. Being incarcerated shouldn't be a pleasant experience where you get to socialise with your posse.

Making these people perform useful work should be a minimum expectation.