26 May 2011

Sledgehammers, picks... turning big rocks...

...into little rocks...
never enough gravel

In what's being billed as a Canadian first, inmates in Ontario prisons would be forced to perform 40 hours of manual labour a week to earn rewards like coffee and gym time.

Under Premier Dalton McGuinty, prisoners get yoga lessons, cooking classes, writing workshops and premium cable TV channels – all on the public dime, Mr. Hudak said.

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...seriously, Craig Munro is the devil...
Craig Munro, a junkie and convicted cop killer who has been behind bars for 30 years, claims he has been working towards some day becoming a yoga instructor while out on day parole passes.

According his most recent parole decision in March, posted on cancrime.com, he has been pursuing a “spiritual path” through the aboriginal community and studying yoga.

LAST WORD: Good and Evil... they exist

Prison should not be considered a viable alternative to living in the larger field of folk. Similarly, it should not be considered an extension of our educational system... a place to try socialise people who choose to live outside the law.

Criminals are not a subset of society. Too often they are violent predators... a cancer that preys on those of us who choose to play by the rules.

You break the social contract... you should be isolated AND punished. Being incarcerated shouldn't be a pleasant experience where you get to socialise with your posse.

Making these people perform useful work should be a minimum expectation.


Anonymous said...

ah yes. The old let's make the bastards work for their dime saga.

Sure, it plays to the crowd, but remember the last time a conservative tried that one (it worked to get him support LOL) but it was discovered how much the program would cost to run.

Next we'll hear about how we're gonna make welfare recipients workfare recipients...

oh wait...

Neo Conservative said...

so nice to hear from the local chapter of hug-a-thug ontario.

sorry, nonny... this isn't about making a profit... it's about right & wrong.

make 'em do something useful... instead of just hitting the weight pile and sodomising the weaker fish.

you have a problem with that?


syncrodox said...


I've seen the line from both sides...anony is a goof on or off the street...

mauser98 said...

what we have here is a failure to communicate.

Neo Conservative said...

wow... my bff nonny came back with a vengeance... another half dozen frothing, nonsensical rants about picking on the (cough, cough) under-privileged.

thank you, once again, comment moderation.


Neo Conservative said...


my buddy nonny wrote me a hysterical essay at 2am this morning... protesting my failure to post his previous replies.

as far as i can tell, now that he's out.... he's really missing his sweetie, er... cellmate.

don't worry nonny... you can always make it up on the next conjugal visit.

thank you, once again, comment moderation.


Bob Devine said...

I think that is a great idea.
1 pile large rocks +
1 convict +
1 sledge hammer =
1 pile small rocks!
Sell small rocks to help pay for lodging convicts. How many ways are there to say perfect?

Neo Conservative said...

no such thing as too much gravel around here.

after they've finished making it... make them count the stuff into equal piles.