20 May 2011

"We finally went with drawing straws..."

"...and, look... I just don't wanna talk about it."thriller


Anonymous said...

did you read the part about how he will not go for permanent leadership? Probably because he knows he'll waste a lot of money and fail.

Everyone knows it isn't possible and would be the end of the liberal brand in ontario, so of course it wouldn't happen. Interim leader perhaps.

Meanwhile, the ndp will be making heavy inroads west of ontario.

It'll be an interesting political climate in ontario when the next federal election comes along 4 years from now, if Hudak becomes premier. Ontario will have had nearly 4 years of both fed and prov conservatism. A real conservative supporter would immediately assume this is a good thing.

We'll see I guess...

Rich said...

He was quoted in another source as saying he would not run for leader...unless the party chose to change the rules and remove the restriction on the temporary leader ao that he/she could run along with all others who wanted the job.
Slithery old Bob, you can see where he's headed. Change the rules- it's the Liberal way!
To Lib supporters...278 at last count... better watch him closely. He really could be the next leader, in perpetuity.
What he did to Ontario was a first and , we all hope, a last.
Wake up libs, chuck him out.

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... Slithery old Bob, you can see where he's headed."

yeah, never mind the general incompetence... anybody remember dalton mcslippery signing a promise not to raise taxes in ontario?

bob's a politician... he'll look you right in the face & lie.

and don't be surprised if the fiberals end up merging with bob's old party... now that they've made those gains in quebec.


Joe said...

So interim leader Martin, interim leader Graham, interim leader Dion and interim leader Ignatieff weren't good enough now they are going to go with interim leader Rae. Yeah that's the trick another interim leader that nobody wants.