24 May 2011

So I guess... "culture"...

...does trump education...

In India, the practice of aborting female fetuses increases as women become better educated and wealthier, defying the predicted decline of a widespread cultural preference for sons.

And as many as 12 million girls have gone “missing” from the population since 1985 because of the practice, according to new research released Tuesday by the leading medical journal The Lancet.


Anonymous said...

The only justice in this will be when those "boys" search for a spouse - they will have to go outside the Indian population. So in the end the daughter-in-law will be from Europe, Africa, North America etc. Rather poetic don't you think? Cheers. FernStAlbert

Neo Conservative said...

"fernstalbert says... outside the Indian population"

you need an example of this... see china and it's "one child" policy.

there is already a lot of talk about partnerless chinese men hooking up with widowed russian women... because russia has a pretty shocking mortality rate for males between 20 & 50... mostly as a result of smoking and alcoholism in this particular demographic.

maybe indian men can start shopping for russian mail-order brides as well.

or, heck... there's always same-sex marriage, huh?


Anonymous said...

Neo - yes the Chinese have a problem - in the age of the internet finding a bride outside of the usual demographics will increase not decrease. Wonder how many of the "eastern European" women will provide doweries and put up with interfering inlaws. lol The fireworks will be something else. Cheers.