27 February 2010

A caring, tightly knit "community"?

Just not when it comes to justice for the slain...

A second Crown witness who originally told police that she watched Jordan Manners being murdered testified Friday that she never saw the slaying but was repeating rumours sweeping the school.
The real anomaly here... is that witnesses actually talked to the cops in the first place.


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Pieters said the threats to kill Latchana were publicly made in two songs accusing the victim of being a snitch. One song said, "don't let me catch you 'cause those guns will spark ... I will find you after dark, I don't give a fuck man, 'cause the time is soft."

"I'll murder everybody in your family tree."
Ah yes... the healing power of music.


Josephine said...

"cause the time is soft"

We need harsher punishments stat.