22 May 2011

Religious Zealots... never afraid to ask...

...the really hard questions...

-- Q: --
Isn't the world going to be totally collapsed after the Rapture?
-- A: --
When all the Christians on the planet disappear, there will certainly be massive confusion.

However, the majority of people will still be on earth, and communications will be their first priority to maintain.

Therefore, I believe it will not be a problem to coordinate activities to rescue and care for your pets.

UPDATE: Apocalypse Not
"By late afternoon, a small crowd had gathered in front of Camping's Oakland headquarters. There were atheists blowing up balloons in human form, which were released into the sky just after 6 p.m. in a mockery of the rapture."

"Someone played a CD of 'The End' by the Doors, amid much laughter."