27 May 2011

What exactly is the deal here?

I don't remember the media being fixated with Sirhan Sirhan's grade eight graduation picture...welcome back khadr


maryT said...

Wasn't his appeal for clemency and a reduced sentence just denied in the US.

Anonymous said...

Help me out here Neo, why would they not post the picture of the little "Boy soldier" tripping gaily around Crapistan with the hands and feet of his victims on a string?
What a testament to family reunification. Liberals everywhere should be proud.
Liberals so stuck in the past.
Cheers Bubba

dmorris said...

Classic case of Yellow Journalism.
The members of the MSM are, for some demented reason, enamored of Little Omar,so they have printed this picture thousands of times,instead of showing him as the hairy,and thoroughly un-cute jihadist he is now.

Bring him home,I'll hang the sonofabitch myself if it bothers other folks too much.

Bob Devine said...

Is it mandatory for us to accept him here in Canada to serve his sentence? Can we say thanks but no thanks you can keep him there in the USA?

Neo Conservative said...

"bob asks... Is it mandatory for us to accept him here in Canada"

perhaps you should ask a new dipper or a liberal... both opposition parties have been begging barry obama to send little omar back here for years.