08 May 2011

That secretive, controlling Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...
In her first interview since getting elected, the elusive New Democrat who made headlines for going to Las Vegas during the campaign admits she's never stepped foot in her riding but says she is looking forward to visiting soon.

In a halting phone interview conducted almost entirely in English, Ms. Brosseau sounds nervous and at one point takes more than 20 seconds to answer a question while papers are heard being shuffled.

She said she has learned a lot over the week during meetings with other party members and leader Jack Layton... and her “skin is getting thicker by the day.”

NDP officials continue to shield her from the national media and The Canadian Press was denied an interview with her again Saturday.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Maybe it's shiatsu...
"Her 'skin is getting thicker'? What are they doing to her?"