26 May 2011

And so it begins...

...New Dipper frat party... announces it forgot to actually order in those kegs...

"Mr. Layton is backtracking on positions he took during the election campaign,” said PQ leader Pauline Marois. “The choice of Quebecers will be respected at 50 per cent plus one vote."

UPDATE: Backtracking on backtracking
NDP Leader Jack Layton told reporters Thursday his party believes that a simple majority, 50 per cent plus one vote, is enough to decide a future Quebec referendum.


fernstalbert said...

Well Jack you get the Quebec jig and two-step. Your sorry fraud is going to be slow danced to the exit. Can't play in the Quebec sandpit without being swallowed up. Cheers.

Dwayne said...

No sane Quebecer would vote to leave Canada, it is only when the question is hidden in doublespeak and obscured with mumbo jumbo do they contemplate it. And no sane separatist wants to leave behind the tit that keeps on giving either, they want to suck away, but decide how long, how much and how ever they want.

Neo Conservative said...

i find it perfectly appropriate that a millionaire silk-stocking socialist with minimal impulse control is about to become the spokes-separatiste for quebec continuing to lurch away from confederation.

good luck with that, comrade.