09 May 2011

Toe-may-toe... tom-mah-to

"The Rewards for Justice pays rewards for information," Edwards said. "It does not pay bounties. In fact, the Department of State strongly discourages bounty hunters and other non-governmental individuals from pursuing the capture of terrorists."
Whatever works, sweetie.


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...the short answer is... you won't...
So how is the army both at war with al Qaeda and in bed with it?

The answer is the army is riddled with jihadist sympathizers. For decades, the officer corps has been told India is the enemy, America is unreliable and rapacious, and that Islam is the answer.

Even those officers who appreciate American support (the country has received billions in aid since 9/11) resent it too. Like all Pakistanis they also believe America is closer in values and interests to India.

They are right.