07 May 2011

So... how about it, Peace Moonbeam?

That whole "moral relativism" thing... I'm thinkin' maybe you could explain that to us... one more time...
"The pro-bin Laden 'funeral' took place as relatives of the 7/7 terror attack on London - which claimed 52 lives - wept at the inquest into the atrocity just three miles away."
A funeral, huh? That's all about remembrance & respect and sombre reflection... 'cos... I mean... people are the same the whole world over... right?
"Protesters carried signs declaring 'Islam will dominate the world' and 'Jihad to defend the Muslims' as well as banners attacking the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."
sammy bin shredded
"It was organised by controversial preacher Anjem Choudary, who told reporters after the 'service' that America had created a new generation of Islamic terrorists. There will be one million Osamas. Muslims will remember Osama as a great man who stood up against Satan. Many will want to emulate his acts."
Yup... bracing myself for that warm, fuzzy feeling in three, two...


"Osama has 'supporters', but the EDL are 'extremists'."