15 August 2009

Tonight's CTV Moonbat Moment

I'm beginning to see why Steve Paikin wanted to fly solo.

Paula Todd has moved over to CTV and on tonight's episode of W5, is crying a river in support of compulsive degenerate gamblers.

Apparently, according to Paula & CTV... it's the government's responsibility to keep these irresponsible dumbsticks out of racetracks and casinos. There's even some dufus who put himself on an exclusion list and successfully sued the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Commission for not saving him... from himself.

Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

I truly fear for my country.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Speaking of Moonbattery...
"They have a gender-neutral washroom for those that don’t feel comfortable using a gender-specific one. This was announced by their anti-harassment committee co-chairs."