15 August 2009

Suaad Mohamud - the untold story

Hmmm... perhaps it wasn't the Conservative brownshirts after all...
Leading the pack in this regard has been the Toronto Star's Christopher Hume who, as already noted, uncorked an unhinged rant citing the episode as evidence that Canada has become an "apartheid" state.

But who is the Canadian Vice Consul in Kenya — the Canadian government's main actor on this case, and the person who allegedly persuaded the Kenyans to lock Mohamud up?

Following the logic of Hume, one would assume she is some neo-Nazi thug who Harper picked up off the streets of Calgary and dispatched to Africa with instructions to keep the blacks out of our backyards.

Oops: As highlighted in the following Muslim Canadian Congress press release, turns out the woman is a female Egyptian-Canadian bureaucrat.

In other words — to the entirely unproven extent we are dealing with any kind of racial animus at all — what we are allegedly confronting is not White-on-black racism, but Arab-on-black racism (the same kind of racism behind the extermination of hundreds of thousands of blacks in Darfur).

Arabs vs. blacks? Not quite as sexy as "apartheid," is it Mr. Hume?

"And here I thought Harper reviewed the vacation travel plans of all Canadians."

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...just blame it on Stephen Harper...
That's what Michael Ignatieff is doing.

Hmmm... does accusing someone of being a racist qualify as an "attack ad"?



Since being outed, nasty little Bobby has been keeping his head down. I'm actually a little surprised he isn't trying to blame this one on the Jews.
And, of course, who would be on board with CC's misogyny and anti-semitism... that paragon of social justice... Deputy Dawg.

LAST WORD: A law suit... yeah, I'm shocked
Boulakia also dismissed comments by Lucas Naikuni, a Kenyan lawyer, who said in Nairobi on Friday that Mohamud would be taking legal action against the Canadian government, the Kenyan government and KLM.

When asked if his client might pursue legal action in Canada, Boulakia would only say, "At this point I want her to get medical care and then I'm going to be having discussions with her."