12 August 2009

Take doctors -- please

You know how it is with doctors. First they see patients and the next thing you know they want to diagnose, treat and cure them. Apparently these clowns think money grows on trees, unlike our thrifty eHealth consultants.

The problem is with all this -- ugh! -- treatment going on, you then have to hire more nurses and hospital technicians and pay for more tests, equipment and beds. It's a vicious circle.

Heck, I'd engineer a doctor shortage to save money if Bob Rae hadn't beat me to it two decades ago.

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“You know a sales pitch is in trouble when it starts, 'Look! Ya gotta trust me! We’re not gonna kill your grandparents'!”

LAST WORD: Let the "puppet show" commence...
GIRL: [Waits for screen to load] You’re going to … help my gwandpa, aren’t you Mister Pwesident? He’s all sick with acute wenal failure. Please wescue him. He’s not a wegistered Wepublican or anything like that.

OBAMA: You know, Tammy, before your question tonight, I probably would have left him to die. But now I won’t. You have my word on it.