18 August 2009

Just something to remember...

...the next time Lloyd, or the CBC quotes some raggedy-ass "Holy Warrior" about NATO atrocities, or Israeli overkill... they invariably lie...
The chief spokesman for the Taliban in Pakistan, who was arrested on Monday, has confirmed that the group's leader is dead, Pakistani officials have said.
Once again, the jihadis get caught with their hand in the big media cookie jar.
Earlier on Saturday, Hakimullah Mehsud had told reporters by telephone that Baitullah Mehsud was in good health and would soon appear in the media to prove that he was alive.
It's a kind of toddler thing, sticking to their outlandish party line despite all evidence to the contrary... knowing that the fuzzy-bunny media has to feed the nonstop 24 hour news cycle... and hoping that the actual facts get buried somewhere down the road.

Like the Pallywood nonsense, where "Green Helmet Guy" ran around in a refrigerated truck salting bombed out buildings with the same dead bodies... so local AP stringers could build up a nice "war crimes" portfolio.

And the legendary "Magic Bullet Woman."
The woman in the photo—Uncle Jimbo notes that she looks like the same woman—makes a very similar claim, holding up bullets that she claims hit her house.

And they very well may have hit her house, if the were tossed or kicked in that direction, but it is quite obvious that bullets still in their cartridge casings have never been fired by a gun.
The media, of course, in all these instances didn't choose to ask ANY questions... the infamous... "if it bleeds, it leads."

Wake up folks... and smell the real jihad. The glorious revolution that's being piped right into your livingroom.

On the bright side it looks as though there's a chance to get some real intel here. Ironically, I betcha these guys are praying that they'll be handed over to the CIA and whisked away to Guantanamo... where a little water-boarding and sleep deprivation would be a relative walk in the park.
Maulvi Omar was arrested in the Mohmand tribal area while travelling to South Waziristan, near the Afghan border. Mr Omar was the second prominent Taliban figure to be arrested in 24 hours.

Qari Saifullah, a commander affiliated to Harkat Jihad-e-Islami, was detained while being treated at a private hospital in Islamabad, officials said, reportedly after being wounded in a missile strike.
The sad, ugly reality here is, after 6 hours in a room with Pakistani interrogators, these two will be ready to confess to killing ALL the Kennedys. Sadly, there are precious few "charter rights" in the dark recesses of a Karachi prison cell.

And please... cry me a river... it's no more brutal than what the Taliban do to their prisoners... or anyone who opposes them in any way.

And so it goes.


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...is hang all the lawyers...
If the CBA had a general policy of demanding the return of Canadians caught in trouble overseas, its Khadr fetish wouldn't stand out so garishly.

But the CBA doesn't do that.

In fact, when it comes to the world's worst regimes, the CBA isn't just silent -- it participates in their PR rehabilitation.