17 August 2009

From the folks who brought you...

...lead-painted baby toys...
Hundreds of people angry about the lead poisoning of their children attacked a metal smelting plant suspected of causing the problem.

About 100 police officers were sent to Shaanxi province's Changqing township after villagers broke into the smelting plant Monday.

The attack comes after medical tests revealed at least 615 children in two nearby villages have excessive levels of lead in their blood. These children live near the Dongling Lead and Zinc Smelting Company plant.
Yup... that's some economic miracle.
A Chinese government report says the number of birth defects in the country has risen by almost forty percent since 2001. Officials are linking the rise to China's worsening environmental degradation, as Claudia Blume reports from Hong Kong.

SIDENOTE: 13:45EST - Mrs Neo is listening to CBC

Apparently there is currently an epidemic (70,000 per year) of young boys being kidnapped and sold in China.

I got nuthin'.