20 August 2009

Remember all the fuss...

...the media and the opposition parties were making about visa requirements for Czechs and Mexicans?
Prior to 2007, Czech nationals were previously required to have visas when visiting Canada.

But since the restriction was lifted, the number of Czechs filing refugee claims soared to roughly 3,000 last year, compared to just five in all of 2005 when the earlier visa rule was still in effect.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has accused some Czech citizens of abusing Canada's generous asylum system by jumping the immigration queue and entering Canada basically as economic migrants.

He said that on average, each refugee claim costs Canadian taxpayers $29,000.
Now 3,000 claims times $29,000 equals... oh my gawd!!!!

That, of course, doesn't even include the cost of housing and feeding 3000 refugees. And that is only Czechs.

So, the net effect of the Conservative government imposing a visa requirement... has been what?
The number of refugee claims from Czech citizens was reduced to just three in the 30 days since July 16, compared to the 155 claims made in the two weeks prior to the policy taking effect.

“The action has met the policy objective of significantly reducing the number of asylum claims,” he said.

“That has relieved some of the pressure on the refugee system.”
What's that Iggy?

I can't hear you.