12 August 2009

Iggy's "Red Shift" just not...

...doin' it for voters...
“Eight per cent of my constituents are unemployed, but 92 per cent are working,” said one MP. “And they don't think that warmly of employment insurance.”

"They take a lot of money off our paycheques for EI - and send it to seasonal workers. That's just not fair, the rest of us would like eight month vacations too."

RELATED: NDP ups the political ante
"BE IT RESOLVED THAT in recognition that the criminalization of the production and use of recreational drugs is socially destructive, the New Democratic Party of Canada will use its political influence in every available forum to begin the process of decriminalizing the production and use of recreational drugs, beginning with the decriminalization of the production and use of marijuana."

This policy shows a rare amount of pragmatism on the part of the NDP.

After all, increased recreational drug use among voters is more likely to increase NDP support than a name change ever would.