12 August 2009

Good news for Gary Lunn

Looks like Lizzie May is gonna split the fuzzy-bunny, hippie-freak demographic even further...
Elizabeth May appears to have (finally) made up her mind.

After an interminable search process, the Green Party leader has decided to seek a seat in (drumroll; cue lights...) the B.C. riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands.

According to the Vancouver Sun’s Barabara Yaffe, May reached her conclusion after losing previous efforts in Ontario and Nova Scotia. Her decision is revealed with all the usual May humility. Rather than waste time trying to compete in all 308 federal seats, all efforts from here in will be concentrated on getting May elected.
Fresh off her disastrous dalliance with the Axis of Weasels... ol' Lizzie is already churnin' out the pre-election bluster...
“The Greens need to be in the House of Commons ... And I’ve got the best chance of anyone to do it,” she tells Yaffe.

Maybe she shouldn’t be planning the victory parade just yet. The Greens may need Elizabeth May in the House of Commons. It remains in considerable doubt whether voters in Saanich feel the same way.
Funny how, with Lizzie, it's always all about "mirror, mirror"...
In any case, she once again looked far more interested in finding a place in Ottawa for the one-woman Elizabeth May Party, rather than the Greens she is supposed to represent.