19 August 2009

Tuesday's CTV Moonbat Moment

I'm betting you had no idea Lloyd Robertson was an ardent animal lover.

Anyway... during Tuesday night's CTV news broadcast there was a story on someone running around shooting feral horses. Not nice... but let's face it... not on the scale of, say... hundreds of people being buried alive by an avalanche, or the earlier story about a murdered 12 year-old boy.

So, after the bit had run and the camera came back to Lloyd... he shook his head gravely, looked earnestly into the camera... and mournfully uttered the word "shameful."

Now I've never seen Lloyd, or any other tv talking head for that matter, do anything remotely like this. I mean, he remained totally unmoved by the earth-shaking deaths of Eunice Shriver and even Michael Jackson.

He certainly didn't do it for any of the 37 people who were brutally murdered in Toronto this year.

I dunno... did PETA finally get a leg up on Lemming Lloyd?