15 August 2009

Making Allah proud...

...one bloody, death-dealing explosion at a time...
Bloodied and dazed Afghans wandered the street after Saturday's blast, which rattled the capital and sent a black plume of smoke skyward. Children – many of whom congregate outside the NATO gate to sell gum to Westerners – were among the wounded. Windows of nearby antique shops were shattered and blood smeared the ground.

The Taliban claimed responsibility and said the target was the NATO headquarters and the U.S. Embassy some 150 yards (meters) down the street.

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"I am taking this opportunity today to plead with the Canadian government that they stop the legal wrangling and ask the United States to bring Mr. Khadr home," said Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae.
And where's Iggy on this one... shouldn't he be trumpeting this horrible injustice from the Liberal ramparts too?

Meanwhile, here in Canada... Robert Latimer gets stepped on yet again.