11 August 2009

I betcha the cops...

...aren't the only people looking for them...
-- TORONTO -- The RCMP are hunting for two Pearson airport workers who are suspected of ditching 140 kilos of cocaine worth $12 million to avoid arrest. The two bags of dope were found among unclaimed luggage last Thursday at Terminal 3, the Mounties said.

The cocaine is believed to have arrived on a flight from the Caribbean to be smuggled out of Pearson by ramp handlers, officials said. Two workers dropped the bags and bolted as customs officers approached, security officials said.

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"The initial home invasion victim was pistol whipped, was tied up...there were young children present when this happened," said Toronto Police Insp. Howie Page.

While en route to the scene of the first alleged crime, police passed a cab going northbound on Keele carrying four passengers matching their suspect descriptions. When they gave chase, the four men jumped out and started to run.

That's when police allege one of them turned and fired at an officer.

LAST WORD: Toronto the not-so-good
Homicide detectives have been called upon to investigate Toronto's latest murder, a shooting last night in Rexdale. A man in his early 20s had been shot in the head.

The first officers arrived at Sultan Pool Dr., near Martin Grove Rd. and Finch Ave. W. to find the bleeding victim about 11 p.m. In the middle of the road, south of Bagwell, lay a bicycle and baseball cap, believed to be property of the slain man.
The victim has just now been identified as 22 year-old Tavane Lennon...
The cyclist is Toronto's 36th homicide of the year and the third young man gunned down in the city in less than a week.

The shooter, who remains on the loose, is believed to be a man with a dark black complexion, wearing black clothing and a black fitted baseball cap.