17 August 2009

Dying with Dignity

You wanna kill yourself, dude... what's wrong with barbiturates and a bottle of single-malt?
-- TORONTO -- A 27-year-old man is still clinging to life in hospital after plunging from the top of a second-floor escalator late yesterday.

Toronto Police said the man had climbed on top of the escalator railing inside 10 Dundas St. E. around 11:40 p.m.

"By all accounts, we have a 27-year-old who was attempting to ride the hand rail of an escalator...and fell," Const. Wendy Drummond said. "He fell down to the floor.
I'm still shaking my head over reports of the apparently intoxicated Toronto man... who committed suicide-by-dumbass...
Police are trying to figure out what prompted a partially naked man to jump into a downtown Toronto fountain head first early Sunday morning.

The man was pronounced dead after emergency crews found him floating in the water with no vital signs.

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Police have finally identified Toronto's 37th homicide victim as 34 year-old Bishen Golaub.