25 August 2009

McDreamy Administration...

...considering options... "time out" and a "stern talking to" reportedly still on the table...
"The celebration of his return was extremely disturbing, and we have made it quite clear to the Libyan government - both publicly and privately - that we're going to be watching very closely how they receive this man."
Of course... not everyone is as critical as myself.


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LAST WORD: Celestial P2P
"The announcement came before the annual GodCon trade show in Las Vegas, where Obama gave a product demo of the iGod health care rationing device, the first of what he said would be "many development projects" between US Government and God."

"He encouraged independent God developers to support the closed-source iGod / iGov health care platform, warning that 'woe be unto the unlicensed app developer, for he shall be smote by a vengeful hail of ACORNs'."