16 August 2009

Another Hogtown drive-by...

...must be Sunday.
-- TORONTO -- There has been another drive-by shooting in the city, leaving one victim shot in the stomach.

It happened just before 3 p.m., Sunday, on Mount Olive Drive in the Kipling-Finch area.

UPDATE: Dead and gone
Toronto’s latest homicide victim met his fate under the blazing sun yesterday, outside a housing complex where another man was shot less than two weeks earlier.

When the ambulance arrived at Sunnybrook hospital, the man, suffering from a gunshot wound to his torso, didn’t have a pulse. He was pronounced dead shortly after.
In other "crime is down" news...
Two armed young men are being sought after two hours of carjackings and robberies in Toronto early yesterday morning.

UPDATE: Toronto cops bag two
Toronto police have arrested two men in a daylight shooting death near Kipling Avenue and Finch Avenue on Sunday.

Christopher Sheriffe, 19, and Awet Asfaha, 24, both of Toronto, were arrested late Sunday night and charged with first-degree murder.