16 January 2008

No leftwing media bias here

Watching CJOH News, the CTV affiliate in Ottawa... and just heard CTV's Bob Fife provide the moonbat moment of the week...
"Gary Lunn is acting like a blind man at a shooting range."

Let CTV know how you feel.


RELATED: Gary Lunn defends his rationale
“The extended shutdown of the reactor threatened a national and international health crisis,” Mr. Lunn told the Commons Natural Resources committee.

“If we had not acted, people would invariably have died.”
Interesting analysis at the Phantom Observer.


Fife was even worse on the morning broadcast BEFORE Lunn testified. He apparently is a psychic, he was blathering on about how Lunn will have been well prepped and was bashing his testimony before it happened.

LAST WORD: Who's zoomin' who?
Canada's Auditor-General repeatedly raised red flags over internal management issues at Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. under previous Liberal governments, according to newly released documents.