18 January 2008

I've gotta get me...

Some of that silver-spoon socialism.
-- OTTAWA -- They plan to hammer out a strategy at a special retreat next week to make life "more affordable" for ordinary Canadians. But the NDP is drawing criticism for staging their meeting at a posh resort, east of Ottawa, where most "ordinary Canadians" would not even be able to pay for breakfast.
Geez, Jacko... that sounds like some fancy omelette...
On its website, the Chateau Montebello describes itself as "an exceptional resort, famed for its rugged luxury," in a "stunning red cedar log hotel," where Sunday brunch would cost about $39 per person.
I'm speechless... I got nuthin'.

(h/t natnews)


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Winnipeg MP Pat Martin also dismissed questions, noting the party negotiated a healthy discount at the resort. The Ch√Ęteau Montebello is, ironically, owned by one of the wealthiest men in the world, Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed Al Saud.

"Who's to say the lumpenproletariat can't enjoy good linen?"
Well... apparently not Taliban Jack.