30 January 2008

How low will they go?

The Globe and the Fiberals are so desperate... they try cooking up yet another manufactured crisis...
A Liberal MP says Prime Minister Stephen Harper should apologize to Greek Canadians for suggesting in the Commons Wednesday that opposition MPs are convinced of a government scandal because those involved are Greek.
You know what, Steffi?

You... and your "save the Taliban prisoner" pals... and the rest of your thin-skinned politically correct arse-lickers... might want to consider raising something more consequential than somebody's potentially hurt feelings.

Maybe if you tried bringing up some "actual issues"... more people would pay a bit of attention to you.

I can't wait for Craig Oliver to demand a Royal Commission on Racism on tonight's CTV MOONBAT report.

Good grief.



It's all a misunderstanding...
"What he said was he wanted Harper to stop insulting "GEEKS" in reference to the CPC making light of poor Steffie's ineptitude."

LAST WORD: I have three testicles!!!
"When I heard Harper's statement, I tore open my shirt and ripped the hair and gold chains off my chest. I tried to console myself by drinking Ouzo, breaking plates and yelling "Opa" in anguish."

"I tried playing a soulful tune on my bouzouki, but as everyone knows, every Greek song starts off slow but speeds up near the end, so you can't help but form and line and dance around the restaurant."

Posted by The Greek