19 January 2008

Hamas gets tutored... again

Rocket attacks + Israel = Instant Payback
-- GAZA (Reuters) -- Israel bombed the Hamas-run Interior Ministry in Gaza and closed border crossings with the coastal strip on Friday in an intensified campaign to halt Palestinian rocket attacks.

The four-storey ministry complex in Gaza City was empty at the time but one woman was killed and at least 30 others nearby were wounded in the air strike, medical officials said.

An Israeli air strike minutes later damaged Hamas's naval headquarters in the central Gaza Strip but caused no casualties.
Live and don't learn... the official motto of Palestinian terrorists.


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But Hezbollah biggie Hassan Nasrullah shares his spider-hole with a collection of dead bodies...
Nasrallah said his group is holding the remains of many Israeli soldiers killed in Lebanon during the 2006 war with Hezbollah, claiming that they were left behind by Israel.
Where has ol' Hassan been anyway?

Oh, wait... I remember now.