30 January 2008

Shades of Mark Steyn

This story goes a ways towards confirming a central thesis of 'America Alone'...
Other maternity units have turned expectant mothers away because they could not cope with unprecedented increases in the local birth rate.

When Labour came to power, the NHS spent around £1bn a year on maternity services, with one baby in eight delivered to a foreign-born mother.

Ten years on, spending has risen to £1.6bn, with almost one baby in four delivered to a mother born overseas.
And no one here has even started considering the societal impact... they're simply too stunned by the financial implications.
While the number of babies born to British mothers has fallen by 44,000 a year since the mid-1990s, the figure for babies born to foreign mothers has risen by 64,000 - a 77% increase which has pushed the overall birth-rate to its highest level for 26 years.
Looks like Canadians aren't the only ones dealing with an imploding health care system.