24 January 2008

Wearing out their welcome

"The Palestinians left us with nothing. It's true, they are dear to us, but today, they were like locusts."
Well, guys... that's actually the least of your problems.

Try to imagine the blowback if one of those crazy Hamas shitheads launches some of their mobile missiles from Egyptian territory.

You think Israel is just gonna say, "Hey... don't worry about it... we understand."


UPDATE: Alrighty... problem solved
Now that the Palestinians are getting supplies from Egypt, Israel wants to sever ties with Gaza altogether. Israeli spokesman Arieh Mekel.

"We expect the Egyptians to solve the problem," he said.

Egypt rejects the idea. Responsibility for 1.5 million Palestinians would be an economic burden, and Egypt's government fears that open borders with the Hamas-ruled area could strengthen its own Islamic fundamentalists who oppose the pro-western regime in Cairo.