24 January 2008

Hey. Dalton...

Tell me more about how you're fixing the health care system...
Jean Keegan spent one whole day last week sitting in a city medical clinic for 40 pills.

Keegan, 88, said there were other ways she could have spent her day but without a family physician and in need of prescriptions - which help her deal with an undiagnosed pain in her right side - she had no other choice.
My personal record down at Belleville General Emergency... is seven and a half hours with a sick, fevered child.

Maybe if Health Minister Smitherman can take a few moments from his campaign championing gay organ donors... he could see about getting us a few more doctors?

Pretty please.


"Who does George Smitherman represent"?
And Crazymamma reminds OCAP boy... it ain't a socialist paradise just yet...
Do you care what car choice I make when buying? Do you have a right to care? Do you care where I spend my money for my holidays? Do you have a right to say where I can shop for groceries? Do you have a right to say who supplies my undergarments?

I have a right to shop Walmart or Victoria's Secret, why should Health care be any different?

It's none of your freaking business how I spend my money on any service that is LEGAL in CANADA.

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Has all that surplus cash just lying around.
The Toronto District School Board is set to spend at least $820,000 to help black students succeed -- with a plan that includes setting up an Africentric alternative school.

Less than a week before a special meeting where trustees will vote on creating the controversial school, the board released a report breaking down costs of four proposals aimed at black students.
Funny, though... seems not everybody is inside the tent here...
Trustee Josh Matlow told the Sun trustees are increasingly divided on the controversial issue and the vote will be close.

He said creating a black-focused school would lead to student segregation and tabled his own proposal as an alternative to the Africentric approach.