29 January 2008

Loopy "Lucy" and friends...

And their passion for socialist street-theatre...
All in all, it looks more like a fun afternoon's "work" for some Vancouver street urchins, with lots of booze involved. Richard Warman is the odd man out: he's not a street kid just having fun with his fellow nose-pierced left-coasters; he's a lawyer, who has found a way of turning this sort of thing into a money-making career.
This guy sure doesn't sound like any lawyer I've ever met.
Until this video, I only knew Warman as a collection of facts and figures -- as a serial complainer-of-fortune at the Canadian human rights commission, and someone who conned the Canadian Jewish Congress into supporting his "anti-racist" antics, to their deep discredit.

Now I have a much better picture of the man: a jumped-up, self-righteous student politician who is no longer a student, a political activist who can't connect with or persuade real people in the court of public opinion, a petty squabbler who hasn't yet outgrown the childish antics of leftist street theatre and pie-throwing.
Good grief.

(h/t ffof)