30 January 2008

Innocuous G and M headline...

Soft-pedals horrific, inexcusable behaviour... that has killed one baby and left another missing.

“Our belief at this point is that they probably left the house together, the girls with the father, and unfortunately they didn't make it to the neighbour's house as he did.”

Sgt. Kaeding said the body of the three-year-old girl was found, clad only in a diaper and T-shirt, between her home and a neighbour's house.
So why would a national newspaper be tiptoeing around this story?

Like real-estate... this one is all about 'location, location, location'... in this case, the Yellow Quill First Nation, east of Saskatoon.
He said there is “some concern” that alcohol use by the father may have contributed to the girls' being outside in bitter cold that felt like -50 with the wind chill factored in.


UPDATE: Second "baby" (my word) found dead

Interesting revisionism by the Globe... the original headline talked about a "missing girl"... like this was some sort of everyday "teenage runaway" thing.

Now they refer to the "second girl"... assiduously avoiding the use of the term "dead babies".

Move along folks... nothing to see here.


UPDATE2: Note... original G & M article has been replaced a number of times... is now being spun totally from father's family point-of-view.


RELATED: Toronto Sun fills in the blanks
RCMP Sgt. Brad Kaeding said a man from the community had been picked up about 5:30 a.m. suffering from frostbite and hypothermia, and was taken to hospital in nearby Kelvington.
The Globe mentions the man "asking" about his daughters... it seems the Sun has a slightly different take...
However, it wasn’t until eight hours later that the man informed police his daughters were missing.

It was so cold that humane society officials were recommending people not even allow their pets outdoors.
This one just makes me wanna put my head down and cry.

Who are these people?


LAST WORD: Surprise... there are sociopaths here too



damn! said...

Events like this, is what makes sleeping difficult...what the hell?

Neo Conservative said...

and the timid, politically correct reporting that seeks to minimise the event itself... is almost as disturbing.

they should be screaming about this from the rooftops.


WL Mackenzie Redux said...

THIS is the fact-sanitizing media covering the CHRC scandals??....good F'n luck Canada!

Crazymamma said...

The father apparently took 8 hours to remember that he had his children with him.. Sober up they mean, when the closing line of the radio broadcast is that "alcohol is suspected of being a factor in the deaths of the children".

Poor babies, I did cry for them. Just how fast does it take to freeze to death? A very painful way to go I understand. Wonder if he will get charged with manslaughter? Anything?

Neo Conservative said...

"crazymamma says... Wonder if he will get charged with manslaughter? Anything?"

my guess is... couple hours of sweatlodge... he'll be good to go.


Escaped MB, shine off BC said...

This is a stain on all Canadians and just further confirms that is time to scrap the reserve system. You can also add the social reform crap with the law and youth offenders act (I can`t remember what the replacement piece of crap is called) into the garbage.
It is time to integrate natives, first nations (whatever)into mainstream society (not assimilate). This should have been decades ago, no one has the political courage then and now to get it done.
On reserves native people have 0 rights. The do not own their houses and all the money does flow through comes through the band councils office. People outside the council are slaves. Oppression at it`s worst. Granted not all bands are like this, but a large majority are.
And neo this is where I agree 100% with the comment regarding timid, politically correct reporting.
Who provides the most opposition when this subject is talked about...the chiefs.
Who gets all the air time...the chiefs.
What is the first thing out of their mouths...racism
Who have the most to lose...who has the most to gain.

Anonymous said...

Here's the Globe headline: "Infant sisters freeze to death during father's midnight stupor"

I don't think that's innocuous, do you? It says plainly that he was dead drunk, which is the truth. The story is far from timid

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Here's the Globe headline: "Infant sisters freeze to death..."

have you actually been following this?

that's the fourth globe headline that i know about... the three previous ones referred to missing girls like it was merely a teenage runaway thing.

looks like the globe got swamped by the tidal wave of public outrage.

well... except on the reserve... where everyone was gushing about what a loving, caring father this guy was.