24 January 2008

I've got an idea

Indentured slavery went out over a hundred years ago... how about the community ponies up and pays this guy a living wage?
Members of the GTA Sikh community are rallying to save their lead priest from being sent home to India after eight years as their main spiritual adviser.

Gurdeep Singh, 38, was refused landed immigrant status last year and community members fear he may be scooped up and sent packing by immigration officials.

He said the priest doesn't receive wages but his expenses are paid for by the temple, which has a congregation of about 10,000.
If he's so highly skilled and universally revered... what's the problem? And, by the way, who's paying his OHIP... and, more importantly... saving for his retirement?
Lawyer Mendel Green said Singh was refused landed immigrant status because his English skills were lacking and officials fear he may go on welfare.

"Immigration is treating these highly skilled priests as temporary workers," Green said yesterday. "The community must have the stability to know their leader will be here tomorrow."
Maybe this poor guy should dump Mendel Green and get himself a labour lawyer.