19 January 2008

When a scummy, drug dealin'...

Gangbanger gets shot on the streets of Toronto... he gets rushed to one of the finest full-time trauma centres in North America -- So why is it... when hardworkin', taxpayin' Joe Lunchbucket has a stroke... he gets shuffled off to Buffalo...
More than 150 critically ill Canadians – many with life-threatening cerebral hemorrhages – have been rushed to the United States since the spring of 2006 because they could not obtain intensive-care beds here.

“My hospital is 20 minutes from the best neurosurgery in the country – if not the world – and we can't get to it,” said Dr. Chan, who described the situation as “crazy.”
Hey Dalton... what say you take some of that "crack pipe money" and help out people... who actually contribute to society?