22 January 2008

It's not just about us...

They cry... "It's about putting bandaids on the booboos of all Canadians..."
Although this blow-back heat comes as the direct result of our specific complaints, such attacks on the very principles of the provincial and federal Commissions to whom we submitted our case threatens the interests of us all.
Thanks anyway, guys... I'm good with that whole "free speech in an actual democracy" thing.


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Curious how Toronto's various "communities" suddenly go deaf and dumb when the situation involves anything more than "hurt feelings".
As Hou Chang Mao's grief-stricken son and daughter struggle to understand their father's senseless slaying, homicide detectives are struggling to deal with a community that has so far been unwilling to provide clues in the hunt for the shooters.

A poorly attended community meeting at St. Anne's Church -- just steps from where Mao was killed Thursday on Gerrard St. E. -- left 55 Division Insp. Peter Yuen feeling "utter disgust."