26 January 2008

The sound of silence

Tired of getting their asses kicked every time they tried fighting actual soldiers... the jihadis have fallen back on a favorite tactic... kidnapping unarmed women.
-- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) -- Gunmen kidnapped a burqa-clad American aid worker and her driver in southern Afghanistan's largest city early Saturday, the latest in a series of kidnappings of foreigners in the troubled country.

Cyd Mizell, who worked in Kandahar for the Asian Rural Life Development Foundation, was snatched from a residential neighborhood as she was on her way to work.
That's some Religion of Peace.

Who exactly is this woman... this horrendous enemy of Islam?
A professor at Kandahar University, Mohammad Gul, said Mizell taught English at the university and gave embroidery lessons at a girl's school.

"She is a very patient and calm woman," Gul said. "She was always thinking about Afghanistan's future."

The Asian Rural Life Development Foundation runs food-for-work, irrigation rehabilitation, health care and restoration projects around Kandahar, according to the group's Web site. The group also has projects in Vietnam, China, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.
Well, of course... what right-thinking jihadi wants anything to do... with stuff like that?

Funny... I'm not hearing anything from the usually rabidly vociferous Taliban Jack. Aren't these kidnappers the very people Jacko is always saying he wants to negotiate with?

Suddenly the poster boy for the downtrodden third world can't find anything to say?

Funny how that works.