21 January 2008

The Interview: Ezra Levant

You won't wanna miss this one... tonight at 8 EST on TVO...
Free speech or hate speech: former Western Standard publisher Ezra Levant on his fight with the Alberta Human Rights Commission over the magazine's publication of the Danish Mohammed cartoons.
You can warm up with these.


LAST WORD: Look who just woke up...

After the international MSM picked it up... the Globe and Mail couldn't continue to plead ignorance.
It was so banal, so routine. When she walked in, she seemed happy. With a smile, she reached out her hand to shake mine. I refused — to me, nothing could have been more incongruous.

Would I warmly greet a police officer who arrested me as a suspect in a crime? Then why should I do so for a thought crime?

This was not normal; I would not normalize it with the pleasantries of polite society.