07 May 2010

Apparently, it's gonna take...

...more than four million magic bullets to solve this one...

The head of the Saskatoon Tribal Council calls the rising rates of HIV in the province a “crisis” facing First Nations and Metis people.

The number of people testing positive for HIV in Saskatchewan is more than double the national average.
Of course... that's assuming these folks even make it into adulthood...
"The rate of deaths from injuries is 3 to 4 times higher for Aboriginal children than for other children in Canada."

Source: Government of Canada (2002) Healthy Canadians – A Federal Report on Comparable Health Indicators 2002. Ottawa: Health Canada.
And, if the Globe was trying to stir up sympathy for the cause... it looks as though things may have gone horribly wrong...
It must be "our" fault. In due course, we will be told that the cycle of dependency, leading to poverty, despair, alcohol and drug addiction etc. is clearly "our" fault.

Then more of "our" money can be offered up. This money will in large measure, stay with people at the top of the aboriginal governments.

Then they will identify some other failing of "ours" that can only be addressed with the application of more of "our" money.
Yeah... let's talk about "the money."


dollops said...

It IS our fault. When you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. We need to get the issue of Indian status onto the front pages and TV news. I discuss the cost of status almost daily with my indigenous customers and find them in general agreement with me that it is a trap. Whitey must stop "helping" and start a generous, but dispassionate, weaning of Native Indians off the government teat.

Anonymous said...

Here in the Centre of the Universe (i.e. Toronto), one of our Mayoral candidates (Rob Ford - trust me, Neo, you'd love him), is being boiled over the political coals by folks like George "What's a Billion Dollars" Smitherman for telling the truth about HIV infections.

But, as we've seen with the Human Rights Tribunals, truth isn't a defense. So, when Ford says "you probably won't get HIV if you aren't gay or injecting drugs", he's correct, but you can't say THAT. Nope. And the context was a budget review, not a morality review.

Gonna be a long, fun summer of campaigning, let me tell you.

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... you can't say THAT"

you wanna make a small wager?


Rob Budde said...

Except what's "ours" is actually "theirs" to begin with.

Neo Conservative said...

"rob budde says... what's 'ours' is actually 'theirs'"

so rob... the answer here is to return everything on the earth to its innocent pristine state from hundreds of years ago?

that's exactly what those wacky iranian mullahs want too, right?

the thing is... i'm just not so sure how all those african-americans are gonna feel about being sent back to africa. and hey... is prince charles gonna give me back the scottish highland properties seized from my ancestors?

robbie... just how simple are you?

oh, that's right... we already answered that one.


Rob Budde said...

Please don't insult me Neo. I am not simple.

Neo Conservative said...

"rob budde says... I am not simple."

sorry, rob... your very own words suggest otherwise...


He (that's you, robbie) is attempting to justify the murder of Officer Marcel Lemay, of the Surete du Quebec, who was shot and killed by an aboriginal terrorist at the Oka standoff.

"Yes, yes, marcel lemay, you've mentioned him already, got it. He shouldn't have been there."

And he does it with one simple, sociopathic sentence.


you said it, pal... you have to wear it.


Rob Budde said...

How does "He shouldn't have been there" equal trying to "justify the murder of Officer Marcel Lemay, of the Surete du Quebec, who was shot and killed by an aboriginal terrorist [sic] at the Oka standoff"?

Neo Conservative said...

robbie, puh-leese... your aboriginal pals shot a police officer in the face with a deer rifle... and your response was... "he shouldn't have been there?"

you're either a dangerous sociopath... or a willfully ignorant pinko stooge.

i thought i was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

p.s. - oh yeah... i forgot to ask... when are you leaving canada for your ancestral homeland?


Rob Budde said...

And I stand by that statement. He should not have been there. The land should have been returned to the Mohawks. The "standoff" should not have happened. The "terrorists" were in the right and being bullied by the police and the military. I am not happy he died.

Neo Conservative said...

"rob budde says... I am not happy he died..."

...but he was in the wrong place, right robbie... and your aboriginal friends had every right to put a .30 calibre bullet in his brain.

but you don't have the balls to come right out and say it... so you make a snide inference instead.

this wasn't a vicious bloodthirsty gangbanger, you dumbstick... this was a police officer... performing his sworn duty to protect the larger field of folk from law-breaking thugs. what would you say to his wife & children, rob?

and you're good with him being murdered by your aboriginal heroes.

you, rob... and trust me, i'm holding back here... are some kinda sick puppy.

and look... you forgot to answer my question... exactly when are you leaving canada for your ancestral homeland?

you wanna live by mugabe rules... maybe you should try zimbabwe.


Rob Budde said...

The "law-breaking thugs" were those trying to build a golf course on a burial ground.

Neo Conservative said...

"rob budde insists... The "law-breaking thugs" were those trying to build a golf course on a burial ground."

you ever see the exit wound a 30 calibre rifle makes, robbie? imagine corporal marcel lemay lying on the ground dying while your heroic aboriginal pals were celebrating his death.

but you think the golf course guys are the thugs.

you are, without a doubt, one sick fuck.

ps -- when are you leaving this sacred indian nation for your ancestral homeland?