18 May 2010

Too many Chiefs...

halls of macadamia/...not enough sanity...

-- WINNIPEG -- Terry Nelson, the well-known chief of a southern Manitoba First Nation, is accused by a band member of arming himself with a rifle during an altercation last weekend.
Hmmm, wait a minute... Terry Nelson... that name sounds so familiar...
Curiously, the CBC seems to have totally missed Terry's latest adventure.


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-- OTTAWA -- A group of anarchists has claimed responsibility for firebombing a Royal Bank of Canada branch in the Glebe early Tuesday, going as far as posting a video of it online.
Darn anarchists... I wonder what they're upset about this time.


syncrodox said...


This sounds like a mild welfare weekend on any number of reserves I've seen.


Neo Conservative said...

well, sync... let's stay away from anecdotal evidence & ask statistics canada for actual numbers...

"The average death rate on reserves for the decade ending in 2002 was more than seven times the national average."



beachnut said...

If only there was some sort of registry. Oh, right.
Different peoples, different law.

Neo Conservative said...

"beachnut says... Different peoples, different law."

yeah... funny how that works, huh?

here's an experiment in multi-culturalism... go next door and try terrorising your neighbour's kid with a firearm... and see how long it takes the local swat team to show up and drop you like a crazy girlfriend.

has chief terry nelson even had to talk to the cops about this yet?